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Types of Frames and Finishes

Lighting Principles for Dining Rooms

Lighting Principles for Entrances and Foyers


STRASS® Crystal

Clear as spring water and totally free of flaws STRASS® is considered the finest crystal in the world.

Light is made up of different colours and diffuses into waves. A transparent medium like crystal means that light can be classified by the colours of the spectrum due to the way in which it passes through crystal at different speeds. The brilliance, the STRASS® sparkle and glitter is produced by the reflection of white light. Purity and precision cutting are prerequisites for the brilliance and play of colours in crystal.

In a related note it was the colourful display witnessed through Schonbek chandeliers and crystal that led to the discovery of anti+truths, and the philosohpy, "Thinking in Colour".

After diamonds and other precious stones, STRASS® crystal is the most suitable material to split light so that it shines. STRASS® crystal chandelier parts are full lead crystal with a minimum content of 30% lead oxide. STRASS® crystal has no flaws, such as streaks or bubbles, and is therefore clearer than air and water. This high quality is achieved by the use of carefully selected raw materials and ingenious manufacturing processes.

When light penetrates a transparent medium it decelerates and refracts. The term used is "splitting". Depending on the location of the facets, the light follows defined routes and is then dispersed into a colour spectrum. The more precise the cutting, the more intense the play of colours. Hand-cutting could never achieve this total precision. Swarovski engineers have therefore developed computer-controlled cutting machines that can create precise facets on even the smallest STRASS® crystal.

Swarovki crystal polishing ensures a perfect finish for each crystal component. Thanks to an innovative finishing technique, the surface is so smooth that dust and water rarely collect on it.This guarantees a clear, faultless sparkle. Each individual STRASS® crystal is controlled to the highest degree of precision by trained hands and keen eyes.

STRASS® is manufactured in a plant in the Austrian Alps, by the Swarovski . Cutting and polishing are done by machine to achieve perfect optical clarity.

STRASS® crystal is characterized by razor-sharp cutting of facets, prismatic brilliance and lead content in excess of 30 percent. An invisible coating on the crystal makes it easier to clean.

Each individual STRASS® cut-crystal item (over 12 mm diameter) carries a special certificate that guarantees the quality of the "orginal": the laser-engraved signature. This is indelibly etched into every STRASS ® the A laser imprint of the STRASS® symbol is now imprinted on most STRASS® article.


No special method is needed to clean chandeliers incorporating STRASS® crystal components. you do not need to remove individual parts from the chandelier. For a thin layer of dust, use a dry, anti-static duster. You should wear white cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints. If STRASS® crystals are more seriously affected by dust or dirt, simply add a little washing-up liquid to lukewarm water. The new microfibre dusters are ideal for the job; otherwise use a fine, lint-free, absorbent cotton cloth. Just immerse the cloth in water and wring out as much as possible. Gently wipe each individual piece of STRASS® crystal from top to bottom, then dry with a clean cloth.

STRASS® crystals by Swarovski are a symbol of tradition and lasting value. Their unfading brilliance guarantees their value forever.

Strass crystal comes in Rose-colored Strass as well; this crystal is called Rosa.

Swarovski Crystal

A passion for perfection has made Swarovski the world leader in the production of cut crystal. This new crystal grade offers a high degree of brilliance and an exceptional value.

Heritage Gemcut

Heritage Gemcut is first-quality, machine-cut, full-lead crystal of a clarity and flawlessness beyond industry standards. It is characterized by prismatic brilliance, visual purity, sharp faceting, and precise polishing.

Heritage Handcut

This crystal is produced in remote countries where craftsmen serve demanding apprenticeships of five years or more to learn techniques that go back centuries.

The crystal is cut by hand in several stages and polished by hand, one facet at a time.

To produce and display jewels too small to be handcut reliably, Schonbek combines machine-cut crystal with handcut.

Certain Schonbek designs contain a preponderance of these tiny, machine-cut octagons, forming chains of crystal. These designs make up the "Heritage Highlights" collection.

Legacy Collection
Finely made Venetian Crystal

Venetian crystal has a fascinating history. It was on Murano, an island just north of Venice in Italy, that complete glass chandeliers were originally made.

The Venetians guarded their secrets of glass making. Venetian crystal is moulded, not cut, resulting is less brilliance and refraction of light into the different colors of the rainbow.

Specialty Frame Finishes



French Antique 11


Heirloom Gold 22


Etruscan Gold 23


French Gold 26


Parchment Gold 27


Bronze Gold 28


French Lace 32


French Provincial 34


Golden Birch  35

Natural Rust  42

Heirloom Silver  44

Antique Pewter  47


Antique Silver  48

Black    51

Dusk   54

Jet Black    55

Ancient Gold  56


<>Ancient Bronze   65

Textured Bronze  73

Parchment Bronze  74

Bronze Umber  75

Heirloom Bronze  76

Tourmaline  82

Silvergild   91


Lighting Principles for Dining Rooms

Chandelier styles and materials are, of course, a mainly a matter of personal choices and taste. The fixture should blend with room decor while providing sufficient and flexible lighting.

The size of the table as well as the size of the dining area should be considered in selecting the appropriate fixture. Multi-arm chandeliers that are 24 to 30 inches in diameter are usually suitable for standard size dining rooms. In dining areas less than 10 feet wide, diameters under 24 inches are suggested. Compact fixtures without arms or with a larger center body appear massive while open, airy designs with little apparent bulk can be over-scaled to add importance to the setting. Generally, a chandelier should not be larger than, the width of the table less 12 inches. Another general guideline for selecting an appropriate fixture size is that the diameter of the fixture in inches should be at least equal to the diagonal measurement of the room in feet.

Over a dining room table, fixtures should be set high enough to allow diners to see one another across the table. Generally, if the ceiling is eight feet high, the bottom of the chandelier should be 30 inches above the table. This is assuming that the furniture is average scale. Add three inches to this for each foot of ceiling height over eight feet.

Lighting Principles for Foyers, Halls and Stairways

The key functions for light in these areas are safety and beauty. In hallways and stairways, the fixtures should be 12 to 18 inches in diameter. Ceiling-mounted fixtures with 60 to 75 watts each should be placed every 10 feet in halls and bottom of each fixture should be at least 6' 8" from the floor. Recessed fixtures should be spaced no more than 8 feet apart and lamped with 13 watt fluorescents or 75 to 100 watt incandescents. Fixtures should be located at the top and bottom of the staircase, as well as at each landing.

In larger entrance foyers, chandeliers are selected based on a balance between room size, location of the chandelier and personal choices.

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