Squitti's, on the corner of Bay and Secord was opened by Maryann Rosso and Arthur Squitti. Maryann Rosso owned and operated her own shop in Italy, before immigrating to Thunder Bay, then Port Arthur. Maryann was the daughter of Francesco Rosso & Concetta Bertucci, merchants in the small town of Simbario Italy. Arthur Squitti, born in Thunder Bay, was the son of Maria Teresa Carollo from Grimaldi, Cosenza, and Giuseppe Squitti who was the son of Don Caesar of Malito Italy.

They met in Thunder Bay, married and together they opened Squitti's "A Beautiful Difference.".

The picture above was taken in 1914, in their grocery store on Secord Street behind the Italian Cultural Center of Thunder Bay, in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, then Port Arthur. Shown here are Giuseppe Squitti, his wife Maria Carollo Squitti, and children, Caesar and Peter.

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