Hat Kids

(currently out of production and out of stock)

Afternoon Story BE031

Just Like Mom BE0135

Ice Skater BE128

Newsboy BEO126

Light Terracotta - 3 1/4" to 6 " tall

The Gardener BE0116

Lil Fireman BE0111

Birthday Boy BE0118

Flower Girl BE0109

Light Terracotta - height 4" - 5"

Golfer Girl BE027

Denim & Daises BE0129

Just Like Dad BEO134

Little Pilot BEO134

Cat and Hat BE0133

Light Terracotta - heights 4 " to 5 3/4"

Birthday Boy BE0104

The Reader BE0107

Lil Ballerina BE0117

Lil Golfer BE0106

Ship Ahoy BE0103

Light Terracotta - 3 1/2" to 5" tall


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